Canadian government orders scientists not to disclose extent of polar melting



Stephen Harper’s petro-Tories have a well-earned reputation for suppressing inconvenient environmental science, but they attained new Stalinist lows when their ministers prohibited Canadian Ice Services from disclosing their government-funded research on the rapid loss of Arctic ice.

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WD-40 pen! Why did no one tell me this existed?!


Why did no one ever tell me that WD-40 was available in pen-form? In low-odor formulation? For three bucks?! I’ve just ordered a dozen of these to go in my day-bag along with my stain pen and other stylus-like vials of precious, vital fluid. (via Lifehacker)         


Celebs narrate free audiobook for Dungeons & Dragons’ 40th anniversary!

Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Weird Al, Sean Astin, Ice-T and more celebrate four decades of dice-rolling derring-do by lending their voices to a free Audible audiobook by R.A. Salvatore.

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what am i doing with my life


what am i doing with my life

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Who to follow for live updates on Ferguson:

Communities across the country are now rallying around the hashtag #NMOS14, organized by @FeministaJones, for local vigils, listed here (the Google Doc may not be up to date, so search Twitter for #NMOS14 and your city or state to find for more details on local events).

As Wednesday night demonstrated, Twitter is the best way to track what’s going on in Ferguson in real time, but two livestreams—Infowarsand KARG Argus Radio—managed to stay up even as those filming fled plumes of tear gas, and will likely be back online Thursday night. For who to follow on Twitter, we’ve embedded a selection of hand-picked accounts.

We also suggest this list, compiled by Daily Dot contributor Dell Cameron. And for an even more in-depth look, try the Reddit livefeed for Ferguson news and scanner reports.